Samson's Spot


Samson is the hardest working dog in Screen Printing & Embroidery!  Samson is 13+ years old and still looks and acts like a puppy.  He is a mixed breed of Lab & Spaniel.  His tail NEVER stops wagging.  Samson has his share of customers / admirers that come in just to see him.  He loves it.  Our customers have been FANTASTIC - and have brought him many gifts.  He just loves the customers as he feels that they are here just to see him.  We've decided not to tell him differently.

So far he just loves the heat of Florida.  He has adjusted very well.  He is fascinated by the huge birds that inhabit his front lawn.  He doesn't chase them, or bark, rather he just stares with his head down and his tail wagging REAL SLOW.  Sometimes he "Points" when he sees the birds - but often points with his rear leg - rather than his front.  Strange.

Samson misses his girlfriend Mona that he left behind in Saratoga New York.  He is quite pleased that his buddies Honey, Sniffy, Ugly, Cleo, Penelope, and Pygmy have recently moved down to Apollo Beach Florida from upstate New York!  He has found new friends down here too including Jackie de Munchkin, Misty, Penny Lane, and Mocha.

Unfortunately Samson passed away on Thursday, August 23, 2007.  He fought hard against Lymph Node Cancer - but the disease ravaged his little body.  We provided him with the best veterinary care money could buy - but in the end the disease was just too much.  We have holes in our hearts large enough to drive through - and he is sorely missed.  On his 13th birthday - June 1, 2007 - he was the equivalent to 82 human years old!  If you met him - you will never forget him.  Even people who don't like dogs - have been seen on the floor petting and doting over Samson.  He was a special friend - and will be missed forever.  We recently found out that Mona - his girlfriend in Upstate New York - has also gone to Heaven.  She was a nice little Beagle - and Samson just loved her.  Our hearts go out to Nick & Judy.  We also learned lately that his buddy Charlie is also in Heaven.  Our hearts go out to Bob and Connie.  Long live their new family member - Bella - a sweet little Yellow Lab.  We also learned that Honey is also in Heaven.  Our hearts go out to Gary, Carolyn, & George.  Honey was one of the most amazing flying dogs you laid your eyes on.  Honey flew off the dock - into the lake to chase a tennis ball.  She would do it 100 times - if you were willing to throw the ball for her.  She was a real sweet dog - a little stinky when wet - but a real nice dog just the same.

Here are a few pictures of our (late) buddy Samson - perhaps the most loved dog ever. (Click on picture to enlarge)


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