This is Chewie!

Chewie comes to us from Forever Saving Angels Rescue in Pensacola Florida.  His name was Doogie.  He is a combination of a Dachshund & Yorkshire Terrier (Dorkie).  I thought that was perfect for us!  So for the first part of the story I am going to refer to him as Doogie.  Doogie was dumped out of a car in Pensacola Florida - in an area known for pet dumping.  Just thrown away by his owners!  Doogie is just 10 lbs and did not stand a chance on his own.  He knows nothing about fending for himself!  A woman in the neighborhood found Doogie - and took him to her house.  Well, she had two dachshunds and a husband that did not want this little guy in the home.  So, the woman tied little Doogie out on the front porch - in the rain.  At least she had the heart to call Forever Saving Angels Rescue.  Katie got the call and dropped what she was doing and headed out to pick up Doogie.

Since he was dumped - he had no collar, tags, anything so nobody knew his original name.  Doogie was given his name by Forever Saving Angels Rescue.  The wonderful folks at Forever Saving Angels Rescue cleaned him up - got him neutered - vet visits - shots - and he went to his foster home with Mickey.  He was doing fine with Mickey - but she was only fostering Doogie - and he couldn't stay too long.  Now I had been watching Doogie as he went along via Facebook and the Forever Saving Angels Rescue web site.  Carol and I were unsure as to whether we were in the mood to adopt another dog since we just lost our beloved Jack.  As long as Doogie was in good hands with Mickey there was no urgency to do anything on our part.  

After he recovered from his surgery he was going to be moved to a different rescue.  The new rescue does not foster the dogs into homes - they just kennel them until their eventual adoption.  That could take months or years!  Once we heard that - Carol just blurted out "Let's Get Him"!  I was shocked.  Carol had been resisting but she saw that Doogie was not going to do well thrown into a mass kennel.  So, I made arrangements to adopt Doogie!  Yeah!

The Rescues work together with volunteers to transport dogs around the area including down to where we live.  On an agreed upon Saturday morning - we met the transport driver - a very nice young lady - who brought us Doogie.  He was very hesitant to even look at us.  Oh no, I don't think he wants us.  The woman gave us the leash and paperwork - and off she went.  They are very busy - lots of dogs - and I don't blame her for not wanting to stick around.  There we were, Carol, Joe, & Doogie in a parking lot.  Doogie did not want to be picked up - and even pulled away from me on his leash.  I needed to pick him up in order to get him into the vehicle.  We have a nice car seat - made for smaller dogs - a basket type device already installed in the truck for him to ride.  Finally after some patience and persistence - I got Doogie into the truck - connected to the safety belt - and ready to go home.

He fussed a little on the way home - and I had to stop several times to put him back in his basket.  Eventually he settled down and we made it home.  Once home - we got down on the floor with him - and he rolled over on his back.  He was petted - loved - and reassured until he accepted us.  Then his tail started wagging - faster and faster - and now he is just a bundle of fun.  He gets all the treats, love, and attention that we can possibly shower upon him.  He has more energy than ten other dogs combined.

He did not respond the the name Doogie whatsoever.  So the decision was made to rename him.  Carol thought Chewie was a good name - because his little face & color reminded her of Chewbacca from Star Wars.  I agreed 100% - and he is now christened CHEWIE!  Chewie not only looks like the movie star - but he loves to chew on toys - so his name has a double meaning.  Chewie the Dorkie!  Doesn't get any better than that.

I was not crazy about the long hair that he had when we got him.  I put him on one of our work tables at work - and got out the trimmers.  I cut his coat back significantly.  Basically a puppy cut.  Then I took several types of brushes and combs - and thinned out his undercoat.  He LOVED it!  Next - a bath!  He did very well in the bath too.  He actually was pretty clean an decent smelling - but after the bath - he was even better.  He does not shed one bit - which is great for the house and family.   He went from Black and Brown - to Grey and Brown.  He looks like a total different dog.  He was so excited after his bath - he ran around the house - rolling and flipping around on the towels we put down for him.  He seemed so much happier after the haircut.  We think he looks much better too.

He LOVES chasing tennis balls - or soft squeaky toys.  Loves toys better than food - or anything else.  He will chase a tennis ball for HOURS AND HOURS!  Until my arms and feet give out.  And he comes back for more!  He is a happy little guy - and is with us 7 days a week - 24 hours a day.  Since we have our own shop - we can have him here with us.  He loves to be with his people.

He did not meet new people very well - but we have been working on his manners.  Now his confidence is much higher - and he does not have nearly the amount of fear that he used to have.  So he meets people much better.  He has to - because we have customers coming in the shop all the time - he has no choice but to get used to it.  He is learning the ropes very quickly - and has adapted quicker than any of the other dogs we have adopted.  He is such a sweetheart - he will melt your heart.  If you get a chance - stop in and meet Chewie here at the shop.  He may bark a few times - but he will get used to you in a minute - and all will be well.

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